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Meet Your Instructor: Mia Lockhart

Mia Lockhart (aka Matrix Mia)

Mia is a Certified Matrix Repatterning®️ Practitioner, RMT, Neurofascial Reset Specialist, and Quantum Energy Healing Therapist with over 20 years of manual practice experience. Her clinic in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, specializes in treating clients with concussions and pain from impact injuries, while her online practice focuses on practitioner mentoring and quantum healing. Mia's expertise lies in nervous system healing and body matrix recalibration using element frequencies, density and pain release techniques alongside grounding practices. Mia is known for her keen intuitive sense that leads to effective treatments and lasting results. Mia's approach to life centers on feeling and understanding the energetic harmonies and connections between individuals, nature, and our planet Gaia.

Why try these Matrix Release Sessions?

If you've tried everything else, why try this? Matrix Release is a powerful combination of Neurfascial Reset Techniques alongside Matrix Repatterning.

I've been doing these treatments in my clinic for years and for all the people I've helped, I know I can help even more by giving you the power to treat yourself!

I believe in the incredible healing capabilities within each of us.

My mission is to bring my proven therapeutic methods straight to you, empowering you to understand and address your own pain.

Through immersive video courses, Mia guides you step-by-step, enabling you to tap into your body's natural healing mechanisms.

Discover the power of your fingertips as you learn to induce tissue-repairing macrophages and stimulate anti-inflammatory responses. With my guidance, you'll unlock increased range of motion, energy, and relief from everyday discomforts.